Coloring on the Praire

My HOW DESIGN buddy Darcy, wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience with COLOR MY WORLD V1!

There are times that I think us creatives get overwhelmed and burned out. Yes, us artsy-fartsy people can get drained. Hard to believe, huh? Well, I have been hearing this buzz about how coloring is soothing and meditative. I’ve never been able to get into meditation really well. I’ve tried– and despite my efforts of trying to zone-out and empty my thoughts, I’ll hear a sound or get an itch and that pretty much ruins it. I’ve tried yoga but either I’m not doing it right or I haven’t had the right instructor. (For some reason, I seem to think that the gal on Wii Fit doesn’t count?) But coloring?! THIS I can do! ......

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